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2015 construction forecast

December 1, 2014 JIM BARNES

Back in the spring, many industry leaders felt 2015 might be another banner year. Before the recent decline in the price of oil, Tim Talbott, president and CEO of Bird Construction Inc. in Mississauga, Ont., expected levels of business in

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Tougher Tier 4 standards on the horizon

December 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

The bulk of emissions emanating from Canadian construction sites could soon be coming from workers themselves as more stringent Tier 4 standards take effect in 2015. Tier 4 standards to reduce smog-forming pollutants—such as nitrous oxide and particulate matter—from off-road

Article Risk Management

Breakthrough: Liquid surety precedence

October 1, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

A watershed moment within the performance security industry took place several weeks ago when the first liquid surety products were accepted by some lenders as a replacement for the previous liquid instrument of choice—the letter of credit (LC). For several

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2014 vocational truck report

October 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

In our latest heavy equipment roundup, we took an in-depth look at some of the most recent options to hit the vocational truck market. With each new model designed for North American users, manufacturers are consistently aiming to strike the

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Safe choices in safety software

October 1, 2014 JIM BARNES

How to maximize your safety management investment

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DNA of a construction leader

October 1, 2014 CORINNE LYNDS

So, you want to be the leader of a multi-national construction firm one day, huh? Well, you better make sure you’ve got a strong balance of technical experience, business leadership and people skills to start with. Construction recruiting firm, Hays

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Hitting it out of the park

October 1, 2014 DAVID GODKIN

AWP manufacturers offer greater reach and versatility

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Navigating the IT journey

September 1, 2014 JACOB STOLLER

As the IT world transitions from distributed contributing to internet-based systems, getting the right IT people has gotten more critical, and more difficult. Recently, a construction firm in Northern Canada devised an iconically Canadian connectivity solution for their cloud-based time

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Canada’s largest bridge project approaches completion

September 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

With 30 million vehicles crossing over it every year, the Honoré Mercier bridge is one of Canada’s busiest. And with at least one person inside each vehicle, the total number of people who annually traverse the bridge is comparable to

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Lifting the curtain of underground construction

September 1, 2014 DAVID GODKIN

Equipment manufacturers tell us the same thing every day: choosing the right equipment will improve productivity, profit margins and offset costs. Naturally, this requires that we first understand our current productivity limits, i.e. what we can do and what we

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Major manufacturers put hybrid machines in the spotlight

September 1, 2014 JIM BARNES

Are the glory days of hybrid construction equipment finally arriving? It’s hard to argue with a technology that offers reductions in fuel consumption and increased functionality, but most users still focus closely on ROI in evaluating the machines. Hybrid technology

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EDITORIAL: We need to close the skills gap

September 1, 2014 CORINNE LYNDS

A record 1.3 million Canadians now make their living in the construction industry. And the sector accounts for more than 7 per cent of gross domestic product. It is one of the country’s leading and fastest growing industries, hiring 600,000

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Risk and capital: A paradigm shift for capital underwriting?

August 1, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

“We’ve always done it this way.” That statement represents the death of many a good idea. When the person questioning the way things are done hears those words, they often shrug their shoulders and simply go back to doing things

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On solid ground: What’s new in soil compaction machines

August 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

Soil compaction is a crucial part of the site preparation process. Most construction sites across Canada incorporate some form of soil compaction into a project to increase load-bearing capacity, prevent soil settlement and frost, and reduce water seepage, swelling and

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Decision time: Should we merge or buy?

August 1, 2014 DAVID GODKIN

I remember it like it was yesterday. Standing at the front of the room were senior executives from one of the largest corporations in British Columbia. Seated facing them were managers from the smaller organization waiting anxiously for answers to

Article Infrastructure

Mega-projects transform transit

August 1, 2014 JIM BARNES

Coherent transit policy drives construction boom

Article Infrastructure

EDITORIAL: Discerning shoppers drive mall construction boom

August 1, 2014 CORINNE LYNDS

Steel-toe boots and safety vests are about as deep as we typically delve into the wonderful world of fashion here at On-Site. However, since affluent Canadian shoppers are fueling a mall construction boom, it seems only prudent that we take

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Terminating employees without cause


The field of employment law is fraught with misconceptions concerning employee terminations. One of the most common relates to terminating employees on a without cause basis. In such situations, it’s often thought that employees are only entitled to the notice

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Big Data coming to construction risk management

June 1, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

We often take for granted the impact information technology and the Internet has had on our ability to accurately collect and analyze data. Through technology the world has managed to capture 2.8 zettabytes (ZB) of data. And what’s even more

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Building a stronger web presence

June 1, 2014 JACOB STOLLER

Contractors have been slow to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon, to the extent that the typical construction website looks like…well, a construction site. However, a new breed of construction companies, led by technology-savvy entrepreneurs, is changing the game, says