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Towering above

Checking out the sunset in November, tower crane operator Moe Lepage, of Coffrages Synergy Formwork, shared the view from his office high above Canada’s capital city. His photo [click to view], captured from the operator’s cab on the East Crane at Parliament Hill, topped a field of over 200 photos that were submitted for the 2023 Canadian Construction Photo Contest, as presented by On-Site Magazine and our sponsor, TrueLook.

No stranger to capturing great images, Moe shares his photos on his social media feed and has been featured on CTV showcasing his unique view of some of the construction projects that can be spotted in Ottawa. That’s something he started doing just over 10 years ago. “People always ask me about the job, the view, and what’s it like,” he said as he explained his motivation for posting the photos he captures. “A picture is worth 1,000 words, so they can actually see what I see.”

As is tradition with our contest, a donation has been made in Moe’s name to a charity of his choice. This year we are proud to recognize his great shot with a donation to the Ottawa Humane Society.

Congratulations Moe! And keep those photos coming.

The 2024 edition of On-Site Magazine’s Canadian Construction Photo Contest will return again next year, so please keep the cameras rolling throughout 2024. Watch for contest entry details in December.