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Article Heavy Equipment

A look at what’s new in trailers

June 1, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

Sure; everyone’s got a construction trailer that’s stronger, lighter and more durable than their competitors. But what really separates them from the pack? In this issue we asked four trailer manufacturers what’s special about their trailers and how you’ll benefit.

Article Skills Development

Editorial: Technological change is a daunting challenge for contractors

June 1, 2014 CORINNE LYNDS

Many of today’s top construction companies started out as family businesses a generation ago. Built on quality craftsmanship, loyalty and a firm handshake, our grandfathers certainly weren’t losing sleep over such bizarre sounding things as “open rates,” “tweets” or “software

Article InfrastructureP3s

Consistent inconsistency on infrastructure

April 1, 2014 Jim Barnes

Government’s hot-and-cold relationship with infrastructure is a topic that makes many in our industry groan. Infrastructure spending has always been a political football in Canada and it has usually been difficult to tell which way it is going to bounce

Article LawRisk Management

Law column: defining risk in construction contracts


Beware of what you warrant

Article Skills Development

Risk column: effects of climate change on construction

April 1, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

Is climate change the biggest risk of the 21st Century?

Article Skills Development

Concrete solutions: fast-setting mixes gaining popularity

April 1, 2014 PATRICK CALLAN

Quick-setting mixes settle into construction industry

Article Skills Development

Man & machine: lessons in grading

April 1, 2014 DAVID GODKIN

Making great grades in a single pass

Article Heavy Equipment

Sitting pretty: modern comfort and compact equipment

April 1, 2014 JIM BARNES

Comfort and compact equipment don’t have to be contradictions

Article Skills Development

Editorial: Bone-rattling commute

April 1, 2014 CORINNE LYNDS

It doesn’t take an engineering genius to deduce that Canadian roads are in worse shape than usual. Even my seven-year-old son will tell you, the bone-rattling commute to karate class is the direct result of an endless supply of ice, snow

Article Software / Hardware

Software Column: Site-friendly technology comes to Construct Canada

February 1, 2014 Jacob Stoller

Contractors aren’t reputed to be early adopters of IT. This might explain, at least partially, IT’s diminutive presence at Construct Canada in Toronto last December—amongst hundreds of booths, only a scattering featured IT products. Regulators, suppliers, and large clients, however,

Article Risk Management

Risk Column: It’s about the design

February 1, 2014 David Bowcott

Recently our construction and infrastructure team at Aon did some data mining in the area of project delays with a focus around Canadian P3 projects.  We’re lucky enough to have leading market share within the Canadian marketplace and that allows

Article Law

Law Column: Discretionary clauses

February 1, 2014 Matthew Swanson and Grant Mayovsky

Unfettered Discretion, Reasonableness and Good Faith

Article Demolition

Explosives Demolition: Master Blasters

February 1, 2014 David Godkin

Demolition experts a rare breed in construction industry

Article Compact EquipmentHeavy EquipmentSoftware / Hardware

Big Spenders: Buying Equipment Online

February 1, 2014 Patrick Callan

A look at online buying trends in the construction industry

Article Machine Control

Machine Control: The Devil’s in the Details

February 1, 2014 Jim Barnes

Machine control is not a bolt-on tool – productive use may require changes to your processes

Article Heavy Equipment

The “Iron Ladies”

February 1, 2014 David Godkin

Tunnel boring machines are at the heart of several major Canadian construction projects

Article InfrastructureSkills Development

Preparation holds key to success

December 1, 2013 PATRICK CALLAN

Despite harsh northern climate, joint venture constructs award-winning $237M hospital and residential care facility in northern B.C.

Article Trucks

Pickup truck makers target ‘best-in-class’ goal

December 1, 2013 BILL ROEBUCK

What’s new in 2014 and 2015 full-size pickup trucks?

Article Law

To terminate, or not to terminate?


Contracts do not always end well. Relationships between the parties in a contract may deteriorate for a variety of reasons—failure to meet timelines or budgets, deficient work and personality conflicts are a few of the common causes. In these difficult

Article Risk Management

Is there a need to revamp surety capacity measures?

December 1, 2013 DAVID BOWCOTT

Vital to most contractors’ existence is access to security that guarantees their contractual obligations to their clients. These guarantees take the form of parental guarantees, holdbacks, letters of credit, surety bonds, EDC performance security guarantees, subcontractor default insurance, cash reserves,