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September 15, 2021  

CanBIM announces 2021 award nominees

Innovation Spotlight Awards honour the best in digital tools and technology deployments.

September 13, 2021  

News roundup: Pedestrian problems

Canada’s two biggest cities are experiencing construction-related challenges recently.

September 7, 2021  

Sensing issues before they occur: Managing job site risks in real-time

On construction sites, less and less is going unnoticed.

August 25, 2021  

New tools allowing estimators to reduce risks by pulling in added perspectives

It’s typical for an estimator to have a moment

August 12, 2021  

CMiC to integrate prequalification tool that helps GCs assess subcontractor risk

A new partnership between a pair of Toronto-based construction

July 26, 2021  

ServcoCanada adopts CMiC for project management, accounting

Contracting group ServcoCanada is turning to CMiC to oversee

July 7, 2021  

Influx of data gives construction firms the chance to take control of their pain points

Whether you’re generating data the traditional way through clipboard-wielding

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July 1, 2021  

Chandos Celebrates Transparency And Time Savings With GCPay For Payment Management

Chandos is one of Canada’s most innovative and collaborative

June 29, 2021  

Crunching the numbers: New AI tool brings construction scheduling into modern era

An experienced project scheduler can spend months mapping out

June 24, 2021  

How IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence will drive better decision making in construction

We have now had several years to assess how

June 22, 2021  

A collaborative paradox: Getting connected in the fragmented construction industry

It’s ironic that construction, which sees more back-and-forth interaction

June 21, 2021  

Procore builds out Preconstruction solution to cut out rework, better manage costs

Building off its acquisition of Esticom last fall, Procore

June 11, 2021  

Vancouver-based Adera adopts Procore

A B.C.-based residential builder that specializes in wood frame

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June 10, 2021  

Using BIM to reduce rework, stick to schedule and stay on budget

Q: What’s the fastest way to blow up the

June 8, 2021  

Material procurement platform Toolbx pushes into Ottawa market

A construction procurement platform for residential and commercial contractors

May 31, 2021  

New budget, forecast features give InEight users more granular view of projects

New functionality within InEight Control will help project teams

May 26, 2021  

Canadian construction firms still getting low marks for digital maturity, report finds

Integrating new technologies remains a challenge for Canadian construction

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May 21, 2021  

In case you missed it. Risk and reward: Data strategy for construction

The perception of the construction industry as a laggard

May 7, 2021  

Procore buys AI-powered construction analytics firm Indus.ai

Looking to “computer vision” to build out its construction

May 6, 2021  

Montreal looks to Aïdi to manage its $2B in annual construction projects

The 19 boroughs that make up the City of