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Editorial: Honorary archaeologists

October 1, 2013 CORINNE LYNDS

Excavation contractors need to update their resumes. Besides the usual qualifications such as “ability to cut grade quickly” and “10 years experience,” they need to add: honorary archeologist to the list.  Headless corpses, remains of royalty, ancient civilizations and lost

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Planning for success

October 1, 2013 DAVID BOWCOTT

Why are we so anxious to get started on our key projects that we are willing to forgo strong planning practices that will almost certainly improve our chances for success? There’s a feeling that if we aren’t actually doing what

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Keeping what’s yours

October 1, 2013 JIM BARNES

Are thieves robbing you blind? Here’s how to protect your jobsite

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A second look at natural gas

October 1, 2013 JAMES MENZIES

Greater fueling infrastructure and increased strength make natural gas-powered vocational trucks a viable option for Canadian operators

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2013 Vocational truck report

October 1, 2013 DAVID GODKIN

Fuel economy, safety, size, comfort, weight, durability, strength and durability: Today’s trucks have it all

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Major bridge overhaul in Newfoundland

October 1, 2013 PATRICK CALLAN

Provincial government dishes out handful of tenders to revamp infrastructure

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From the editor: A tough day in Montreal

August 1, 2013 Corinne Lynds

On Monday August 5, while most of the country was enjoying a Civic Holiday, Montreal contractors were back to work after a government-mandated, two-week vacation. And oh what a disastrous day back to work it was! Tragedy stuck when a

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e-Procurement is ready for the big time

August 1, 2013 Jacob Stoller

After years of discussion and preparation, government procurement is poised to become paperless; ending an era of sealed envelopes, couriered submissions, lock boxes, and yes, last-minute drives through rush-hour traffic to submit tender documents on time. “The Government of Canada

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Thinking about a random alcohol testing program? Think again

August 1, 2013 Matthew Swanson and Brandon Hillis

One of the most controversial issues in workplace law is an employer’s right to implement drug or alcohol testing programs. Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 30 v.

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Treating risk before and after

August 1, 2013 David Bowcott

Managing risk requires imagination and experience. In a lot of ways you’re trying to predict not only the future, but also all the steps you need to take prior, during and after a risk event occurs. This precognitive skill could

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CHRSC aims to standardize crane industry regulations

August 1, 2013 Corinne Lynds

An immediate need for certified crane operators is the driving force behind the Canadian Hoisting & Rigging Safety Council’s (CHRSC) goal to harmonize industry regulations. Inaugurated nearly a year ago at the Crane & Rigging Conference in Edmonton, the primary

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Dealing with dealers

August 1, 2013 Jim Barnes

Technology and a tight economy drive unconventional partnerships

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Earth-movers & shakers

August 1, 2013 Patrick Callan

Hybrid-ging the gap: price, productivity and the planet

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From the CRMCA: Concrete on the Economy

June 1, 2013 by On-Site Magazine

The cement and concrete industries face the many challenges of any economic force driving the prosperity of the country today. These include being corporately responsible and profitable in an increasingly regulated marketplace influenced by government, media and public opinion. Land

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Extensions of time matter: A Primer on Time Being at Large and Acceleration

June 1, 2013 Matthew Swanson and Grant Mayovsky

Construction contracts between owners and contractors invariably require the contractor to complete its work by a specified date. Further, it is often agreed that the failure of a contractor to meet its deadline will result in a claim by the

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Complacency: The great enemy to success

June 1, 2013 David Bowcott

When our perception of risk is at its highest, the diligence we take to manage it is equally high.   As time progresses and we succeed at managing the same risks over and over, the confidence we have in our ability

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Keep your equipment above water

June 1, 2013 David Godkin

Understanding geological site conditions, before you dig, will save time and money

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Top 5 Canadian contractors with 50 or less employees

June 1, 2013 Patrick Callan

1. Walsh Canada Opened in Canada in 2010 46 employees, Vaughan, Ont. Building construction 40 per cent, engineering (heavy) construction 60 per cent Works in: commercial, industrial and institutional buildings; transportation, sewage engineering and waterworks engineering construction, contract management, design/build,

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Walsh building its culture in Canada

June 1, 2013 Patrick Callan

Top contractor in the small and medium-sized category

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Top Contractors report

June 1, 2013 Jim Barnes

Oh, Canada – opportunities and challenges in the Canadian construction industry