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Billion Dollar Babies

August 1, 2015 JIM BARNES

Inventory of super-megaprojects reaches new heights

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Editorial: Megaprojects are a team sport

August 1, 2015 JIM BARNES

The steady procession of billion-dollar projects rolling down the Canadian construction pipeline these days has to give one pause for thought. How are the contractors who bid on these jobs different from the rest of us? What special tactics do

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Top Contractors Evolve, Adapt

June 1, 2015 JIM BARNES

It is interesting to compare the Top Contractors list of 25 years ago with the one in this issue. There have been changes, but a surprising number of the companies that were on the list then still dominate it. It

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Asset Management is the future of construction

April 1, 2015 David Bowcott

Asset Management! In past columns, I’ve referred to the concept of Asset Management and how a growing number of owners are more thoughtfully planning the implementation and interaction of all phases of their assets’ lives to optimize asset performance. Asset

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Contractors and the Law

April 1, 2015 Lauren E. Kristjanson and Jack Finn

Incorporation of main contract by reference in the subcontract

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Editorial: The HR nightmare

April 1, 2015 JIM BARNES

Every once in a while, an industry faces a huge problem barrelling straight toward it – right down the middle of the highway. Just like in a nightmare, you can see it coming for miles and that still doesn’t mean

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Bridges: From the site to BIM

April 1, 2015 JACOB STOLLER

Site measurement goes on steroids

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Doing Asphalt Right

April 1, 2015 David Godkin

Pay attention to subgrades, surfaces for the best pavement

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Bridges: The ABCs of ABC

April 1, 2015 Jim Barnes

Accelerated bridge construction cuts long term costs

3Ps come with both advantages and challenges.
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Editorial: Pondering P3s

March 1, 2015 JIM BARNES

One thing is for sure: whenever this publi­cation covers a successful Public/Private Partnership project, we get a strong protest from the P3 naysayers. Just to clarify – no, I am not the starry-eyed mouthpiece of Big Infrastructure. P3s are one

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Legal: Damages for Breach of Contract


How are such damages measured?

Project-specific insurance can reduce your risk
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Risk: Project-Specific Insurances

March 1, 2015 DAVID BOWCOTT

What are the right limits?

Building a relationship with your heavy equipment dealer is a good place to start
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Dealing with Dealers

March 1, 2015 JIM BARNES

How new contractors can build a strong relationship

Automatic greasing systems can save time and money
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Automatic Greasing Systems

March 1, 2015 MIKE DECKERT

Tips and tricks on what to watch for

Contractors need to be in Social Media space with realistic ROI expectations
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Social Media and the Contractor

March 1, 2015 Jacob Stoller

Managing your expectations

Today's excavators have come a long way from the steam shovels of yesteryear. They are bigger, move powerful and have gadgets galore.
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Excavators: Brain, Brawn & Power

March 1, 2015 David Godkin

Designing excavators is a balancing act

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Asphalt mixes made easy

February 1, 2015 Patrick Callan

The Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association (OHMPA) liaison committee has created a spreadsheet to simplify measur­ing asphalt mixes to ensure they meet Ontario Provincial Standard Specification (OPSS) 310. The OHMPA says current testing processes can be cumbersome and result in

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Recycling: New crushers punch above weight class

February 1, 2015 David Godkin

Great hands, but can’t move his feet. Big and slow. And that jaw? Nothin’ but glass. That last word is about the worst thing you can say about a professional boxer. But strength, mobility and durability are just as important

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Legal: Duty of Honesty

February 1, 2015 Krista Johanson

Principle underlies every commercial contract

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What is the ideal procurement model?

February 1, 2015 David Bowcott

The debate continues…