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Surface preparation products

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Equipment

Husqvarna Construction’s recently rebranded Blastrac and Diamatic surface preparation product range, which includes floor scrapers, shavers, scarifiers and floor grinders, is available in Canada and the United States. The company offers walk-behind and ride-on floor scrapers that can be used to remove soft and hard resilient floor coverings, adhesives and coatings. Power options include electric, battery and propane.

Its walk-behind concrete floor shaver and ride-on milling machines are well suited to jobs where enhanced depths in a controlled pattern are desired. Scarifiers in the lineup allow for the levelling of large surfaces and the removal of thick coatings. They are designed to quickly and cleanly remove concrete to help level slabs, expose large aggregate before concrete polishing, and for coatings removal in demolition applications.

Its single and planetary grinders can also remove coatings, and prepare and polish concrete floors. The product line features electric and gas single-disc grinders, and the blending of new planetary machines in both electric and propane footprints.




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