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New Kubota KX080-5 8-Ton Excavator enhances power, reliability and operator comfort

By Kubota   


Building upon its position as the manufacturer of the world’s #1 selling compact excavator, Kubota recently launched the new KX080-5 8-Ton Excavator in Canada.

A reinvention of the popular KX080-4, the new machine is designed with advanced utility, comfort and performance, enabling a substantial digging depth of over 15 feet, a dumping height of 17 feet and a digging radius of 24 feet. Redesigned with noise reduction, luxury seat, air conditioning, extra leg room and improved visibility, it features keyless start, an engine autostop, rearview camera with a seven-inch LCD display and LED working lights.

Here are some of the features that make the KX080-5 an ideal asset on Canadian construction sites, and for projects across the country:

Enhanced Power 


Superior power, advanced functionality and a 2-pump system combine for excellent productivity and smoother operation. The 2-pump load-sensing system improves the overall smoothness of operations when using attachments. An auto-downshift system enables automatic travel shift from high to low depending on traction effort and terrain, giving smoother simultaneous operations when dozing and turning.


Kubota’s updated 8-ton excavator delivers strong performance and efficiency for its size, with exceptional bucket digging force, substantial arm reach, reduced soil spillage when rotating and a well-matched arm and bucket. Operators will have peace of mind knowing the engine RPM automatically idles when the control levers are in neutral for more than four seconds. The engine also turns off automatically when idling too long, a feature users can customize to suit them and their work situations. In addition, the KX080-5 features the trusted, easy-to-maintain Kubota engine, plus an increased life of the diesel particulate filter.

Comfort & Safety

With a spacious and comfortable cab, double adjustable air suspension seat, the KX080-5 brings a new level of operating comfort to the job. New interior designs and functions feature a slimmer, more ergonomically positioned right LCD screen, a quieter environment and more foot space. Safety inside and outside the cab is also prioritized, with a factory-designed rear-view camera and LED work lights with a turnoff delay. Additionally, the electronically controlled third-line hydraulic return can be automatically activated on the 7” LCD monitor in the cab, eliminating the need for operators to climb down from the cab and reach under the bonnet.

  • 2-pump load-sensing hydraulic system
  • Tight tail swing & compact machine width
  • KubotaNOW Telematics
  • Angle blade option
  • NEW Dual adjustable air ride seat
  • Adjustable auxiliary flow
  • NEW premium display and console
  • NEW Rearview camera
  • UPDATED Comfort and convenience
  • Moving material and attachments
  • NEW Keyless start
  • One-sided engine maintenance
  • Steel track option
  • LED work lights with turn-off delay
  • Auto idle and engine stop

Redesigned to elevate the operator experience and guarantee maximum comfort while on the job site, the KX080-5 builds off what worked for the KX080-4, keeping the tried-and-true roots of the machine while levelling up to meet the demands of every operator.

For more information and to see all the features of the new Kubota KX080-5 8-Ton Excavator, visit kubota.ca/products/KX0805.




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