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Hydraulic excavator 

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

The Cat 336 hydraulic excavator is designed to deliver strong digging forces and swing torque to boost production in the most demanding applications.

Its three engine modes match excavator power to the demands of the job. Power mode delivers maximum power to meet the most demanding tasks; smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions to lower fuel consumption; and reducing engine speed to a constant 1,500 rpm, eco mode minimizes fuel consumption.

Engine oil and fuel filters are synchronized for service at 1,000 hours.

High-ambient temperature capability of 52˚C (125˚F), cold-start capability at -18˚C (0˚F), and the ability to work at up to 4,500 m (14,764 ft) above sea level enable the 336 to work in various climates. The excavator is also equipped with auto hydraulic warmup in cold temperatures. Additional features include an air intake filter with pre-cleaner for high dust capacity, and a high-efficiency hydraulic fan with optional automatic reverse to keep cores free from debris.

The machine is also equipped with Product Link, to collect such data as location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, maintenance alerts, diagnostic codes, and machine health automatically through web and mobile applications.

Several levels of cab trim are available. Deluxe cabs come with a heated air-suspension seat; premium cabs come with a heated and ventilated air-suspension seat. Both have a tilt up left-hand console for easier access in and out of the machine.

A touchscreen monitor and jog dial offer quick navigation through machine controls and provide easy access to the machine’s digital operator’s manual. Keyless pushbutton start is standard, and Bluetooth key fob is available. An Operator ID passcode allows for engine starting, and Operator ID can quickly save and restore joystick button, response, and pattern preferences for individual operators.

A host of standard technologies – Cat Payload on-board weighing, Grade Assist for maintaining grade, and 2D Grade with depth and slope indication – are designed to elevate operator efficiency and machine productivity.

Operators can store up to four depth and slope offsets to quickly cut to grade without a grade checker. Auto hammer stop warns operators after 15 seconds of continuous firing and then shuts off the hammer after 30 seconds to prevent wear and tear. Auto dig boost and auto heavy lift increase bucket penetration and lift capacity by eight per cent, and Cat Lift Assist helps operators avoid tipping the machine.




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