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Power Pavers concrete slipform paver

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Power Curbers Companies)

The Power Pavers SF-3404 is a full-width, four-track concrete slipform paver designed to provide a smooth ride while saving valuable time and providing complete visibility around the machine. The machine can pave a maximum of 40 ft. (12 m) and features telescoping endpans for two feet (61 cm) of width flexibility on each end. The company says its heavy-duty plow, rigid paving pans and durable slew drives make the SF-3404 highly reliable and efficient.

The paver has an optional compact, fully controlled Dowel Bar Insertion (DBI) system. It is also equipped with a hydraulic floating floor to maintain the integrity of the initial slab and improve reconsolidation around dowel bars after the insertion process. Each time the DBI runs, the carriage recalibrates with electronic sensors to ensure the floor is exactly where it should be. In addition, the DBI is split to allow for accurate crowning and bar placement. Each bar is held and guided into the concrete to prevent skewing, even while crowning. When running DBI, the machine uses a collision avoidance system to prevent centre tie bars and DBI from inserting at the same location.

To create a smooth ride, the paver is equipped with what the manufacturer says is the industry’s longest Oscillating Correctional Beam (OCB) for smoothing the slab’s surface after dowel bar insertion. Power Pavers engineered a heavy-duty OCB that is 30” (76 cm) tall with a 24” (61 cm) finishing length for full coverage over the dowel insertion void. The OCB corrects any surface imperfections. For transportation, the DBI, OCB, OCB wiper and final finisher are contained in a single assembly.

Additional features include a unique vibrator cruise control that automatically adjusts the machine’s vibrators to maintain consistent speed despite fluctuations in oil viscosity or changes in concrete slump. For super-elevations and intersections, an exclusive crown-distance compensation feature provides automated crown transitions between the mould, DBI and OCB.

It is also equipped with Power Pavers’ SlipSmart control system for simple, highly configurable machine controls. All machine diagnostics are onboard, with no laptop required.




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