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Lavis Contracting Company Ltd. named 2012 MTO Paver of the Year

By Staff Report   

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The Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA), in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), has announced Lavis Contracting Company Ltd. as the 2012 MTO Paver of the Year for their work on Highway 21 from Sheppardton north to Kingsbridge.

The Provincial Paver of the Year Award is presented annually at the ORBA Convention by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). The award recognizes one winner and three finalists for excellence in hot mix paving on a project completed in the award year. Projects are judged on a number of criteria, including: smoothness, night paving, completion, workmanship, mix quality, and others.

“Ontario’s road builders are continually striving to improve the quality of product that they deliver,” said ORBA executive director Geoff Wilkinson. “This award is a celebration of the quality workmanship that our members deliver. ORBA offers its sincere congratulations to Lavis Contracting Company for winning Paver of the Year for 2012, and to Aecon Construction and Materials Ltd., Coco Paving Ltd., and R.W. Tomlinson Ltd., for their honorable mentions.”

Lavis’ Highway 21 project scored excellent ratings on its hot mix, which consistently met the MTO’s specification requirements. The ride quality and workmanship of the project area was graded as excellent by the MTO, which resulted in an extremely uniform mat. Workmanship at all joints was especially good and the overall finish and appearance of the job was considered exceptional.


Three finalists were also recognized for their quality work. They were:

•                Aecon Construction and Materials Ltd. – recognized for their work on Highway 403 Eastbound Collector Lanes in Mississauga and various other locations on Highways 401, 427 and QEW. They were recognized for their superior work under difficult circumstances, including high traffic volumes, night paving, and other contractors working in the area.

•                R.W. Tomlinson Ltd. – distinguished for their work on Highway 17, from 1.3 kms east of Highway 533 easterly for 8 km. They were recognized for their excellent workmanship, demonstrated by the very smooth surface of the asphalt and uniform mat, and the fact that no segregation was observed on the project.

•                Coco Paving Ltd. – acknowledged for their work on Highway 401 Eastbound and Westbound Lanes from Mitchell Road Easterly to County Road 41, Napanee. They were recognized for the excellent quality of their work, which included increasing the thickness of hot mix at their own cost to ensure a good ride over areas of severely cracked concrete.


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