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Western Star 47X Twinsteer

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Trucks

(Photo courtesy of Daimler Truck North America)

Western Star showcased its latest product offering, the 47X twinsteer in a mixer configuration, at the recently held Concrete B.C. convention. The 47X offers a factory-installed 72” set-back axle spacing and a 60” set-forward axle spacing prep. The manufacturer says the 60” spacing prep option embodies the X-Series values of durability, weight savings and ease of upfit.

Designed to support Truck Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs), it provides essential components, including an additional dressed second front axle with wheels and tires, ample cab clearance, and a strategically positioned Aftertreatment System (ATS) mount, to allow ease of installation of their twin-steer front suspension.

The vocational truck prioritizes durability and weight savings with purpose-built X-Series features such as the single-channel frame rail, hood and cab. The single-channel frame rail eliminates the need for double frame rails, offering thicknesses ranging from 8 mm to 15 mm, achieving up to 3.8 M resistance bending moment (RBM), and shedding approximately 100 lb. in weight.

The X-Series hood is crafted with P-DCPD, a lightweight yet highly impact-resistant material, resulting in a 100-pound reduction compared to the previous fibreglass hood, while maintaining the durability and flexibility needed in the vocational market. The cab also trims weight without compromising strength, thanks to strategically placed steel reinforcements, notably in the A and B pillars, creating durability that is more likely to withstand extreme-duty door slam cycles.




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