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Podium Ladders

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September 23, 2015 by On-Site

Werner Podium Ladders

Werner has released its complete line of Podium Ladders, including five new designs, for the Canadian market. The Podium is the newest style of ladders designed for greater comfort and mobility than standard stepladders. All Werner Podium Ladders feature an extra-large standing platform for added comfort when standing at a fixed height for an extended period of time. The guardrail provides an extra point of contact which, in combination with the platform, enables the user to face any direction while working. The guardrail also securely and conveniently organizes tools and accessories at the top of the ladder. The extended waist-high guard rail wraps around the user for more security and freedom of movement, while providing the ability to work from any direction. Extra-large platform provides all-day comfort. The Edge360 bracing system provides improved stability and drop-protection with over-sized boots and footpads at the base of the ladder. The new ladder top design allows users to secure an arsenal of tools and accessories that are compatible with the Lock-In Accessory System. The full Podium Ladder product line includes: Podium PD7300 CA: This Type 1AA heavy-duty ladder has a load capacity of 375 lbs and comes with optional factory installed casters for added mobility. For professional users, the increased duty rating allows for more industrial applications that require heavier tools or equipment. Podium PDIA00CA Series: The Type IA Fiberglass Podium supports up to 300 lbs. and comes in a variety of sizes. This series features the HolsterTop Pro extended guardrail that securely wraps around the work zone and holds an arsenal of tools. Podium PD6200CA Series: This new 300lb IA rated Fiberglass Podium comes with optional factory installed casters for added mobility. The PD6200CA Series comes in a variety of sizes to fit any application including jobsite projects. Podium PDA363CA: The aluminum Podium Ladder model, with 250 lbs load capacity, offers the same reach as a 5 ft. stepladder and is ideal for painting and projects that require working at fixed heights. Podium PDFS103CA: This Type I Fiberglass Podium Ladder provides a reach height of 9 ft., the same reach as a traditional 5 ft. stepladder. www.wernerpodium.ca.


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