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Idiots on Ladders contest reaches new heights


Construction Skills Development

The Ladder Association’s Idiots on Ladders contest is in the midst of its most popular year ever, having received more than 50 pictures from around the world highlighting dangerous examples of ladder misuse.

Ladder Association experts vet the submitted photos and then post the most dramatic examples to the Idiots on Ladders album on the association’s Facebook page (facebook.com/ladderassociation). The contest began in September and runs until December 31. The winning entry, with the most comments and likes on Facebook, will be announced in January 2015.

Now in its third year, the contest is meant to draw attention to the importance of ladder safety and training. “Thousands of people look at these horrifying images each year, and judging by the number of entries received so far, 2014 promises to bring the problem of ladder misuse into even sharper focus,” said Michael Fern, spokesman for the Ladder Association. 

“The huge response this year shows that people know how ridiculous misusing ladders can be, but it also shows the scale of the problem, with people finding unbelievable pictures all around the U.K. and beyond. Being safe on a ladder can be as simple as taking a one-day or less training course, but many are choosing to take their lives in their hands instead.”


To participate in the contest, submit your pictures to the Ladder Association’s Facebook page or email them to michael.fern@ladderassociation.org.uk. 


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