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Dynapac compact paver

By Adam Freill   

Asphalt Construction Roads

(Photo courtesy of Dynapac)

Designed to handle paving of a variety of surfaces, from walkways and bike paths to underground garages and alleys, the Dynapac F1250CS Plus compact paver is ideal for areas where high-quality results between 0.5 up to 3.5 m are needed. When paired with the optional RC 360 remote control, operators can position themselves wherever they want without being tied to dashboard controls.

The machine is equipped with a high-end screed that is available in both gas- and electrically heated versions. The compact paver can pave below zero, increasing refurbishment job efficiency, since the paver can drive out of the milling cut, allowing the screed to pave a smooth finish. It has a paving speed of up to 27 m/min, and a transport speed of 3.3 kph.

Its lean dashboard is engineered to be intuitive, with toggle switches and coloured displays. The entire platform can be folded up for transport or paving situations close to a wall. And the machine’s convenient backrest offers additional comfort and comes with a lockable storage compartment for personal items.

The ergonomic side shields are adjustable for height and angle with only one crank. The crank is placed on top of the side shield creating a comfortable, central, and safe workplace for the screed operator.

The F120CS Plus also comes with a USB, 24V/DC and a 230V/AC socket, and is equipped with emission-reducing diesel motor technology. A 4-cylinder 54 kW Deutz engine is also available as T3/Stage III or T4/Stage V, to meet emissions requirements in various markets.




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