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Develon dozer

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Develon)

Competing in the 140-horsepower and under category, the Develon DD100 dozer delivers 115.3 net hp, has an operating weight of 23,589 lb. (10,700 kg) and features a track length of 108 inches (2,737.6 mm). Standard premium features include the company’s fleet management telematics for remote monitoring, ECO mode for reduced fuel consumption, rearview camera for enhanced visibility, blade shake feature for removing material stuck to the blade, and an easy-to-read, user-friendly touch screen display for access to the dozer’s functions and machine settings.

The machine has a unique dozer undercarriage system designed to help lower total cost of operation. Dual-flange rollers go outside the chain of the track, and single-flange rollers sit inside the chain of the track. The manufacturer says the combination helps ensure that the track stays on the undercarriage, helping to reduce wear and providing greater operator comfort.

The dozer’s six-way angle blade allows for greater precession and control when grading and moving dirt. It also helps with sightlines when operating the machine. The position of the electronic cooling system, front hood geometry and use of an inline precleaner under the hood also add to provide an unobstructed view of the blade. Cab pillars have also been minimized, allowing for maximum glass area. All-glass doors give a full view of the working environment.




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