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Buildots AI-assisted planning and tracking

By Adam Freill   

Construction Software

(Photo courtesy of Buildots)

Buildots has launched Plan Tracker, a new suite of tools that enables managers to accurately plan and track weekly activities and milestones using project-specific data. The system monitors the progress of plans and measures effectiveness, facilitating continuous improvement in performance and adapting to changing realities on the ground in order to avoid construction delays.

The Plan Tracker suite, which is designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing management processes, comprises two new tools: Workplan and Targets, both of which are driven by real-world site progress data and advanced AI algorithms.

Workplan allows project managers to break down project plans into smaller tasks, set realistic due dates for each, share the plan with the respective trades, compare actual progress against plans, and use the system-provided feedback to continuously improve performance.

Targets enables managers to set critical milestones in the system and accurately track the progression of the project toward meeting these goals, including subcontractor performance and supply chain issues. Users can add new operational and contractual targets, assign related tasks and activities, and set due dates in one place. The company says this functionality helps to easily identify issues early on so that corrective measures can be taken to protect milestones, preventing work stoppages and delays while fostering accountability within the team and with subcontractors.

“With Buildots Plan Tracker, I can pinpoint critical milestones and actively monitor our progress towards them. It keeps us focused and helps to course-correct if needed,” said EllisDon senior superintendent Chris Masse, an early adopter of the technology. His company is using the platform for construction of the 254,000 sq. ft. Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre at the University of Toronto.

The Plan Tracker suite’s intuitive management experience draws from Lean Construction methods, offering a high level of interactivity, encouraging methodical planning, enabling managerial autonomy, and improving accountability with teams and subcontractors. Lean Construction, known for its emphasis on control and predictability through maximizing value and minimizing waste, is particularly well-suited for project teams seeking to streamline processes, visualize progress, and make data-driven decisions.

“Plan Tracker gives our customers greater control and more ways to interact with and gain value from the unique dataset generated by Buildots,” said Aviv Leibovici, Buildots co-founder and CPO. “Since we started, we have taken a close look at how customers use the platform in order to identify opportunities to add value. We realized that there are countless situations and decisions that construction managers face that could greatly benefit from the data collected on-site. Plan Tracker presents a bridge between this invaluable data and the managers who need it, providing unprecedented insights that will now help them manage projects even more effectively.”




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