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Share your thoughts: Aecon takeover

February 15, 2018   On-Site Magazine

The proposed takeover of Canadian construction giant Aecon by state-owned China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) has garnered national attention and debate.

On-Site has its finger on the pulse for this nation’s contractors – and that’s why we want to hear from you.

Let us know where you stand on this controversial acquisition in the Have Your Say box below and your comments may be included in the March issue of On-Site.

Your feedback can move the dial on the issues affecting today’s contractors. Before you weigh in, as a refresher, please view our coverage of the Aecon takeover:


Feb. 14: Aecon extends takeover, responds to opposition

Feb. 14 (Canadian Press): Cabinet orders deeper security review of proposed Chinese takeover of Aecon Group

Feb. 13: PCA raises concerns over Aecon acquisition

Jan. 3, 2017: Court approves CCCI acquisition of Aecon Group

Dec. 11, 2017: Aecon Group wins two regulator approvals for $1.5B sale to Chinese buyer

Nov. 8, 2017: No need for national security review of Aecon takeover, China’s ambassador says

Oct. 27, 2017: Aecon Group to be acquired by CCCI for $20.37 per share

Sept. 7, 2017: Canada’s construction sector up “for sale” as Aecon looks for bidder

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13 Comments » for Share your thoughts: Aecon takeover
  1. Deeply worrying! Should not be approved!

  2. Stephen Lane says:

    Trade should mean trade. Trading between countries on an equal basis is good for both. It seems that our current government is fixated on letting China take over at any cost. This is not in our best interests and very naive given China’s ambitions!

  3. Luigi Mandarino says:

    There is already a serious lack of competition (Collusion) in the asphalt industry in Canada. I very strongly oppose the foreign take overt of Aecon by the Chines Government.
    Please protect us from foreign powers.

    Luigi Mandarino
    Williams Lakes, BC.

  4. Peter Clarke says:

    It is absolutely absurd to even consider allowing a Construction Company controlled by the communist Chinese government to acquire a major Canadian Construction company. Our problem is that our moronic prime minister says that his favourite country in the world is China. Surely there are enough smart people in his cabinet to turn this ridiculous proposal down

  5. Lisa Maki says:

    Oh my Gosh! Haven’t we sold off enough of our Country? This should absolutely not be allowed to go through. Especially without any Security Reviews. I would hope that the good people of this Country wake up and stop coveting that dollar bill for a change. Lets get back to NOT Loving that thing called Money! For the Love of money is TRULY the root of all evil. Lets NOT give China MORE Power.

  6. Chris Lorenc says:

    Allowing a Chinese state owned, controlled, funded, directed company through effectively a state sponsored purchase, of a major Canadian Construction company, flies in the face of Canada’s national security interests. Free trade? Yes. At any cost? Absolutely not. This proposed hostile foreign takeover clearly falls into the ‘Absolutely not’ category.

  7. Doug Lomow says:

    I’m normally somewhat of a Chinese backer as a way of balancing out the international playing field, especially from American domination. However not on this one.
    1. Until all Canadian compaies big and small in all industries can buy Chinese companies then NO SALE.
    2. The ONE WAY technology transfer and access that this sale would give the

  8. Bart Henneberry says:

    I am 100% against this takeover. Corruption and corporate spying by a state owned company with a dubious tracjk record, e.g., Nortel HQ spying installed by contractors.

  9. International state owned corporations should not have access to buying any Canadian property or businesses.
    How can fair competition be realized against such subsidized entities?

  10. Jim Rade says:

    If you read of the history and past practice of this company proposing to aquire Aecon one would have to wonder why any country would open their door and allow them in.They have been ousted by countries with much lower than our Canadian standards.They have outstanding fines for violations all over the world and they ignore them.We cannot allow this to happen in our great country.The bar is set high for our own companies with regards to safety,quality and performance.Do not jeapordize what we have worked so hard for!

  11. Leon Switzer says:

    Well this is certainly one of the largest and most complicated decisions facing the Canadian infrastructure world. I will place my support in the governing bodies to do the right thing for Canada. My true wishes are for a large competitive market of profitable construction companies that can fix our failing sewers, roads and bridges.
    The one concern that kept raising red flags was the nuclear division. Having spent time at CNL this past summer, even they are now welcoming on-site research that will benefit a global market. I believe times are changing for the better.
    With more P3, joint ventures and consortium projects going on every day, we all have to be prepared for change.

  12. Guy Akins says:

    The long term damage to the next generation of Canadians in the technology arena will be severe. The short term benefits are of course to the shareholders plus AECON’s argument that their global market will be greatly enhanced (doubtful for a number of reasons).

    It is naive to think the Chinese will promote AECON’s technology preferentially in Canada. They won’t. They will eventually move the intellectual core to China.

    Questions for the security review will NOT investigate:,
    1. Long term generational benefits/disbenefits.
    2. Consideration of taxpayers past funding of specific technologies now owned/controlled by AECON.
    3. View of advanced education faculty/technology administrations whether they support the sale.
    4. Ask AECON’s competitors such as SNC whether this will adversely affect their competitive position.

    Unfortunately, while pursuant to the subsections 14.1(1.1) and (2) of the Investment Canada Act the review threshold for a Chinese (sic WTO) enterprise to take over a Canadian corporate entity is decreed (for 2017 it is $379 million in asset value) nothing else is prescribed in the Act. So what our government is up to in its current review is completetely opaque.

  13. John Dunnink. says:

    I think it absolutely ridiculous to have a foreign owned business controlled or owned by the Chinese government to acquire any Canadian business and especially Aecon this needs to stay a Canadian company.
    I am sure there is no Chinese government business in China that is allowed to be purchased by a Canadian corporation.

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