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Construction labour market ekes out small gain in October

By On-Site Staff   


Construction employment dropped sharply in April before surging back this spring and summer. The last three months have proved more challenging

Another month dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic spelled another four weeks of little change for Canada’s construction labour market.

Statistics Canada released the country’s October Labour Force Survey Nov. 6, which showed the industry added approximately 8,400 jobs last month. The 0.6 per cent increase is a marginal improvement to minimal gains in both September and August, but employment remains down considerably year-over-year.

Unlike the previous two months, which saw strong hiring in the overall Canadian economy, the wider job market also stalled in October as COVID-19 cases climbed higher across the country. Canadian employers added 83,600 workers last month, translating to a 0.5 per cent increase in employment.

In its September assessment, Statistics Canada said it expected a “long road” to recovery in construction, where employment now sits at roughly 1.378 million workers. Staffing levels remains about 7.5 per cent, or 112,000 jobs, lower than their pre-pandemic highs this February.



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