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Construction worker killed in B.C.

By Rob Blackstien   

Health & Safety

One construction worker dead and one seriously injured in Vancouver Island incident.

A car crash in a construction zone in Nanaimo, B.C. on September 23 left one construction work dead and another sent to hospital with serious injuries.

The RCMP reminded drivers of how perilous it is for workers in this situation.

“It’s extremely dangerous,” Nanaimo RCMP Cst. Gary O’Brien told Vista Radio. “The workers are in a vulnerable state, they’re on a highway where cars are, at one point, probably going the speed limit, 90 or 100 km/hr.”

He added that for the safety of the workers, drivers simply must slow down when they get to construction zones, such as the one these two workers were at on the Trans Canada Highway, close to the Duke Point ferry turnoff.


O’Brien said that the RCMP believes that alcohol and speeding were both factors that contributed to this crash.

He added that this type of incident occurs at construction sites far too often. “The stats are alarming across the board,” O’Brien said. “Not only in Nanaimo but throughout British Columbia and North America.”

Thankfully, there are companies working to help mitigate this issue.

(Source: Mypowellrivernow.com)


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