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BC Hydro to ramp up construction at Site C after two months with workforce halved

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May 17, 2020 by On-Site Staff

Earlier work on one of the diversion tunnels for the hydro project. PHOTO: Peace River Hydro Partners

Two months after scaling back the Site C hydro project to critical work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BC Hydro plans to shift gears and begin ramping up its workforce.

The crown utility said May 14 it will take a phased approach to increasing construction activities in the “days and months ahead.” It noted the effort will be based on provincial health guidelines for industrial camps and advanced in collaboration with contractors and unions.

The workforce at the project site was cut approximately in half during the pandemic, with BC Hydro still aiming to hit a key river diversion target this fall.

As contractors work to restart stalled aspects of the megaproject, the main civil works on the earthfill dam and roller-compacted concrete dam buttress will be the first areas reopened, BC Hydro said.

As on other job sites across the country, returning workers will be adjusting to a range of new regulations, including social distancing, enhanced cleaning processes, closed common areas and a more rigorous health screening process.