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Main civil works contract awarded for BC Hydro Site C project

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November 25, 2015 by STAFF REPORT

Rendering of the built-out Site C project
Rendering of the built-out Site C project

BC Hydro has awarded the main civil works contract for the multi-billion dollar Site C energy project.

Peace River Hydro Partners, which includes Petrowest, Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc. and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd, will undertake the $1.5 billion contract (the largest single award) for construction on the Site C project.

The contract includes:

  • Approximately 32 million cubic metres of excavation for structures, including the approach channel and tailrace.
  • River diversion works, including construction of two 10.8 metre internal diameter concrete-lined tunnels between 700 metres to 800 metres in length, and associated cofferdams and intake and outlet structures.
  • Earthfill dam – central core zoned earth embankment approximately 1,050 metres long and 60 metres above the present river level.
  • A roller-compacted concrete buttress – approximately 800 metres in length to a maximum height of 70 metres.
  • Significant ancillary works such as a permanent network of site roads, site drainage and debris handling facilities.

This phrase of the project is expected to commence the first week of January 2016.

The $8.3 billion Site C Clean Energy Project is a third dam, reservoir and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River, approximately 7 km southwest of Fort St. John in northeast B.C. Part of the project includes the realignment of six sections of Highway 29 over a distance of 30 km. The project is expected to create 10,000 direct jobs during construction. Approved by the Province of British Columbia on December 16, 2014, construction of the project is expected to begin in the summer of 2015 with completion estimated to be 2024.

“Peace River Hydro Partners are excited to be part of building a legacy project that will benefit British Columbians for generations to come,” said Rick Quigley, Petrowest’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our partnership has strong roots in Fort St. John, and I’m proud to be a part of the team building a clean energy project in the same community in which I live and work. We look forward to working closely with local workers and First Nations communities to maximize the economic opportunity for families in the Peace region.”

“This project marks 15 years of successful infrastructure delivery in Canada for ACCIONA and aligns with our mandate for excellence in major project delivery globally,” said Darren Sokoloski, President of ACCIONA Canada.

In August, Petrowest was awarded a $7.3-million subcontract to prep the land for the Site C work camp. Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc. built the new Fort St. John Hospital.

ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada Inc. is a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary of ACCIONA S.A., builders of infrastructure, renewable energy (including hydroelectric dams), water, and services projects. ACCCIONA Infrastructure Canada has been operating in Canada since 2001 and headquartered in Vancouver since 2006, with offices in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

Petrowest is involved in both industrial and civil infrastructure projects, as well as pre-drilling and post-completion energy services, gravel crushing and hauling for non-energy sector customers. Petrowest’s primary operations are based in northeastern British Columbia and northwestern Alberta.

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2 Comments » for Main civil works contract awarded for BC Hydro Site C project
  1. John Googins says:

    How much total cu meters of


    Total tons of Aggregate

    • Jillian Morgan says:

      Hi John. I reached out to Site C for this one: The main civil works contract will place approximately 1,900,000 m3 of conventional and roller compacted concrete and the total volume of fill placed for the dam will be approximately 14,700,000 m3.

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