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Skyjack electric scissor lifts

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Linamar Corporation)

Linamar Corporation’s Skyjack division has announced the launch of a new range of DC electric scissors, featuring AC brushless electric drive motors and other significant design changes. The simply electric range will be launched globally with availability in all regions throughout 2024, replacing the current hydraulic drive models.

The manufacturer says its innovative drive system provides exceptional duty cycles and fully proportional controls to offer a superior drive experience. It says the new range boasts improved efficiency, controllability, and torque, with an improvement of up to 20 per cent in runtime per charge. E-Drive provides consistent power, traction and torque, with over 25 per cent grade ability, so that climbing loading ramps is easy, and excellent all-round job site performance is achieved.

During development of the new E-Drive DC scissors Skyjack focused on increasing operational uptime. “A longer run time per charge and fewer lifetime charge cycles mean our customers will find they spend less on batteries over the life of the machine and that is just one of many benefits,” explained Corey Connolly, senior product manager at Skyjack. “Ever since we launched E-Drive on our vertical mast range, we have been excited about this launch. Our new vertical masts were very well received and now, after more than two years in the market, we see E-Drive as a proven winner, and I am sure our customers will welcome this change on our core scissor range.”

The new range will be available through a phased introduction by region, starting with the smaller SJ3215 E and SJ3219 E models followed through to Q1 of 2024 with the remaining machines in the range.




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