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JLG ClearSky Smart Fleet

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment Equipment Technology

(Photo courtesy of JLG Industries, Inc.)

Mobile elevating work platform and telehandler manufacturer JLG Industries, Inc., now offers standard ClearSky Smart Fleet connectively on most of its new equipment. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology brings 25 unique features, including analyzers, telematics and productivity applications, into a single connectivity beacon on JLG machines for seamless back-and-forth interaction through a comprehensive ClearSky mobile app, a user-friendly web portal, or an advanced API.

The new technology allows equipment owners and operators to send a prompt to the beacon to identify a machine’s status or perform diagnostics wirelessly through the mobile app.

“ClearSky Smart Fleet is a bold, new frontier in fleet connectivity,” explained Ara Eckel, director of product management for JLG’s connected solutions. “It’s a true, two-way fleet management and communication platform that turns yesterday’s one-way data transmission into two-way interactivity that gets JLG equipment fleets talking like never before.”

The ClearSky Smart Fleet app makes it possible to manage data and machine interaction, even when cellular data and Wi-Fi are not available. The mobile app can be used to find a machine by activating audible and visual cues from the machine; wirelessly identify a machine’s status, such as active diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)s, battery or fuel level; perform diagnostics wirelessly with a built-in analyzer; and access targeted information, such as parts and technical manuals.

Equipment owners and operators can also combine actionable, JLG-rich, ClearSky Smart Fleet data into a current telematics solution to manage an entire mixed fleet from a single screen.




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