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Hydraulic pile croppers

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Demolition Equipment

(Photo courtesy of National Pile Croppers)

The new version of the Quad XXL hydraulic pile cropper from National Pile Croppers is designed to be used for the reduction of augured (round) piles between 900 and 1,200 mm in size. Weighing in at 3,675 kg, the manufacturer says it is best used on an excavator of at least 31 t in weight.

As with all of the company’s quad croppers, the machine uses four powerful and fully synchronised rams with specially designed blades to cut the pile and hold the cut pile section safely for removal to a designated safe area.

“Although big, the new Quad XXL is still easy to use, and our experienced support staff are at hand from the initial order to the installation on site to make sure that customers get what they pay for,” says NPC director Lee Aston. “Operation is still simple, with the cropper being lowered to the ideal height, with the jaws then being closed until pile sections ‘pop’ free. The broken pile section then can be easily removed for recycling to a dumper or a specified area.”



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