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Baffin extends Titan boot sizes

By Adam Freill   


(Photo courtesy of Baffin)

In response to requests for boots that fit more customers, including women, Baffin is added new sizes to its Titan line to bring more inclusivity to its industrial footwear offerings. Set for launch this fall, the extension will see two new sizes added, bringing the full range from size 7 to 14 (women’s 9 to 16) to size 5 to 14 (women’s 7 to 16).

“Through the years we have heard the call for inclusive size ranges to allow more women to be supported in a variety of industries,” says Mark Hubner, senior vice-president of commercial products at Baffin. “We are thrilled that with the size extension of Titan, we are providing more options for women in these fields and that Titan has become the latest Baffin product made for all.”

A mainstay of Baffin’s industrial collection, the Titan boot is available in plain-toe as well as safety-toe-and-plate (STP) models. Made to withstand the unpredictable North American climate, the company says the boot is designed to offer warmth, safety, reliability and comfort in footwear year-round during moderate levels of activity.

The line of boots has been tested at both the North and South Pole, and is made to keep the cold out with a comprehensive inner boot system. The boots are waterproof from the base through to the collar and are engineered to protect from wetness at depths for extended periods of time. Features include the manufacturer’s most comprehensive inner boot system consisting of a removable comfort-fit multi-layer inner structure built with nine layers of insulating technology.

The STP version contains a steel safety toe and plate, is CSA/ASTM approved and ESR/EH rated, and is finished with an oil and acid resistant Oarprene compound.



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