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Husqvarna battery-powered compactor

By Adam Freill   

Asphalt Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Husqvarna Construction)

Husqvarna Construction has introduced its first battery-powered compactor, the LFe 60 LAT. The forward plate compactor is designed to deliver efficient compaction of soil and asphalt. It runs on the Honda eGX battery platform.

“The LFe 60 LAT has the same fantastic features as all of our existing forward plate compactors. However, the fact that it’s battery-powered means it is easier to start, has reduced noise levels and produces no CO2 direct exhaust emissions during operation,” says Magnus Lindeberg, the company’s global product manager for light compaction. “This means the operator doesn’t have to deal with many of the challenges that come with refueling or the other demands of a combustion engine. As a result, the LFe 60 LAT can contribute to a working day that is less physically demanding and more productive.”

The removeable, easy to fill water tank allows for precise control of water flow. At the same time, the bottom plate and water sprinkling system are designed to prevent the fresh asphalt from sticking to the equipment or creating marks on the ground.

The machine also includes such smart features as a simple push-start button, transport wheels, and a handle that folds for compact transport. The company says the electric motor of the compactor will reduce downtime and costs as it requires less maintenance than a combustion engine.

“We believe the LFe 60 LAT is a great addition to our light compaction range,” adds Lindeberg. “A combination of reliability, performance and operational ergonomics make it highly attractive to asphalt contractors looking for a forward plate compactor that delivers great results and an optimized cost of ownership – plus the added benefits of battery power.”




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