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Falcon 820 Inclined Screen

By Adam Freill   

Construction Construction Materials Demolition

(Photo courtesy of Terex Corporation)

Compact crushing and screening equipment manufacturer EvoQuip has launched its Falcon 820 Inclined Screen. Combining scalping, screening and stockpiling in one self-contained unit, the machine features a double-deck two bearing screen box designed to operate in multiple applications, including sand and gravel, crushed stone, coal, topsoil, and demolition waste.

Outfitted with a large screening area and high-frequency double-deck screen, it also offers adjustable incline angles, allowing operators to optimize the screening process, based on specific material requirements.

“Designed with mobility in mind, the Falcon 820 is compact and easily transportable, making it ideal for various job sites,” stated Andrew Armstrong, EvoQuip product manager. “Its user-friendly setup process and excellent maintenance access ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity.”

Selected units come with a T-Link telemetry system fitted as standard, providing customers with real-time information on the performance of their machine. This data can be accessed through a tablet or smartphone, and provides comprehensive information on the location, fuel consumption, tonnages, wear ratings and operating hours, along with much more.




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