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Compact Excavator

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The Volvo EC20D compact excavator features a Volvo D0.9A Tier 4 Final engine that is 10 per cent more fuel efficient when equipped with the auto engine shutdown option. A new automatic idling system further reduces fuel consumption and noise disturbance by switching engine speed to idle if the controls are inactive for more than five seconds. The EC20D offers a spacious cab with no extra auxiliary floor pedals, all-around visibility, and intuitive controls. The cab is safe and easy to access via a wide door with three contact points, or when fitted with a canopy, using a large handrail. With noise and vibration insulation, the EC20D keeps the operator comfortable throughout the day. All controls are ergonomically placed, and the large travel pedals allow the operator to maneuver the machine in tight spaces. The fingertip roller offers precise boom offset and convenient attachment use. A high-speed travel switch is located on the dozer blade lever for fast backfilling, while a single-acting auxiliary button on the front of the right joystick ensures easy hydraulic breaker operation. The counterweight is made from a single piece of cast iron, providing impact resistance and shielding of all vital components such as hydraulic lines, pumps, fuel tanks and cooling pack. The flat, toughened glass used on all four sides of the cab allows easy replacement. The dozer blade is equipped with a welded-on cutting edge for wear resistance. A durable upper lip provides added protection against damage and balance when using the blade as a stabilizer. The swing frame, boom and arm are cast. Hardened pins and bushings are designed to keep tight pivot tolerances for minimum wear. Daily service points are centrally grouped under the redesigned rear engine hood. With the Volvo patented multifunctional hydraulic oil filter, filtration occurs when the tank is filled. While the machine is working, the oil returns via the drain lines through the filter, ensuring constant filtration. The transparent housing on the filter bowl also enables easy oil level checks and enables early detection of contamination. Volvo compact excavators have been designed and tested to allow for 50-hour greasing intervals. Maximum lifting capacity reaches 1,195 pounds (542 kg) at ground level with the blade down. The EC20D also has a hydraulically extendable undercarriage that can be extended or retracted to suit jobsite requirements and fit through tight spaces.  The EC20D offers maximum flow for attachments at 11.4 gallons (43 lpm), along with in-cab flow adjustment to match the attachment speed to operator needs. The boom is slightly offset to the left, which helps maintain visibility when working in tight spaces. The swing post and cylinder stay within the track width when offset to the left. Attachments include general-purpose buckets with bolted teeth, fixed or tilt ditching buckets, as well as a range of Volvo breakers. Dedicated lifting points and an automatic swing brake ensure safe transporting. Hooks are integrated into the bucket backwall, allowing up to two general-purpose buckets to be attached onto the lip of a ditching bucket, securing them against the blade for transport and safety on the site. www.volvoce.com/


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