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Ehren Cory to stay at head of Infrastructure Ontario six more months

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April 21, 2020 by On-Site Staff

Originally slated to return to the private sector at the end of April, Infrastructure Ontario president and CEO, Ehren Cory, will be staying on to head the crown-owned agency for six additional months.

The province’s Minister of Infrastructure, Laurie Scott, said April 21 that Cory’s appointment has been extended until Oct. 31.

“I thank Ehren for agreeing to extend his tenure at Infrastructure Ontario and look forward to his continued strong leadership during this challenging period,” she said in a release.

In January, Cory said he planned to leave IO and return to the private sector, setting April 30 as his departure date. The three-months of notice was meant to give the province time to facilitate a transition — and the further six months will reset the clock.

Cory has spent seven years at IO, including three at its helm.