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$924M in highway improvement projects announced for Saskatchewan

By Jillian Morgan   

Infrastructure Roads

The Government of Saskatchewan will invest $924 million in highway improvement and maintenance projects for 2018-19.

About $51 million will be invested in major safety projects, including:

  • Warman and Martensville interchanges
  • Twinning Highway 7 between Vanscoy and Delisle
  • Twinning and passing lane projects on Highways 6 and 39 between Regina and Estevan. Two sets of passing lanes will be built on Highway 6 between Regina and the junction of Highway 39 this year
  • Two sets of passing lanes on Highway 4 between North Battleford and Cochin
  • Planning work for passing lanes on Highway 7 between Rosetown and the Alberta border, and Highways 9 and 10 between Melville and Canora; and beginning planning work for passing lanes, widening and repaving Highway 5 between Highway 2 and Saskatoon. Two sets of passing lanes were opened on Highway 5 between Humboldt and Highway 2 last year

In addition to these projects, this province’s budget will see 800 kilometres of highway improvements across the province, involving:

  • 100 kilometres of rural highway upgrades, including:
    • Highway 4 between Val Marie and Cadillac (24 kilometres)
    • Highway 36 between Highway 18 and Willow Bunch (25 kilometres)
    • Highway 255 south and west of Tobin Lake (21 kilometres)
  • 700 km of highway renewal projects, including:
    • 280 kilometres of light treatments, like seal coats
    • 140 kilometres of medium paving, like microsurfacing
    • 280 kilometres of full repaving on highways like:
      • Highway 2 south of Chamberlain (20 kilometres)
      • Highway 35 south of Weyburn (24 kilometres)
      • Highway 4 north of North Battleford (30 kilometres)

Other investments as part of the budget include:

  • $330 million for continued work on Phase II of the Regina Bypass, to be completed in late 2019
  • $13 million to repair flood damage or prevent damage in future years, including:
    • Landslide and erosion repairs on Highway 11 near Lumsden and Highway 9 north of Whitewood
    • Installing larger culverts on Highway 1 near Wolseley
  • $61 million for 30 bridge rehabilitation or replacement projects and numerous culvert projects

“The $924 million we’re investing in our highways and roads this year exceeds on-road fuel tax revenue by $409 million,” David Marit, highways and infrastructure minister for the province. “With this year’s budget, our government has invested more than $3 billion into highways and infrastructure over the last three years.”



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