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Saskatchewan invests $14M in rural roads, bridges

By Jillian Morgan   

Bridges Financing Roads

SASKATCHEWAN—The Government of Saskatchewan will invest $14 million to improve roads, bridges and culverts in 11 rural municipalities.

Funding for the projects come from the Municipal Roads for the Economy Program (MREP). The 2018 MREP grants include:

  • Five bridge and culvert projects worth $2.89 million
  • Six heavy haul high volume road construction projects worth $3.5 million
  • A Clearing the Path (CTP) road construction project worth $750,000

CTP, which provides rural communities with access to primary weight roads, will receive a $6.6 million portion of the grants for operation and maintenance.

MREP is administered by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities. Grants cover up to 50 per cent of the costs of road projects and 30 to 90 per cent of the costs of bridge and culvert projects.


The Government of Saskatchewan has invested over $270 million in rural infrastructure through MREP since 2008.


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