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Concrete Products Showcase

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Between the World of Concrete in January and the Canadian Concrete Expo in February, concrete industry professionals will have the opportunity to check out a wide variety of equipment for their concrete application needs. Here are a few of the products that will be on display.



Experience the Power Curber 5700-D at World of Concrete in January or the Canadian Concrete Expo in February. The 5700-D features the SlipSmart Control Solution, which provides operators a new level of precision. Power Curber’s engineering is dedicated to providing a reliable and productive machine that is easy to use. Power Curbers stands behind its equipment with world-class support and commitment.


WOC Booth: W805

CCE Booth: 3219



The easy-to-navigate digitized Concrete Solutions product guide from Brafasco, focuses on the key Canadian commercial concrete markets. There are increasing standards expected of materials, tools, and people on the job. The point-by-point guide breaks down product listings for common jobsites, giving contractors a range of options likely not considered in the past when planning their next project.

CCE Booth: 2245



GOMACO CC-1200e is the world’s first battery-powered slipform concrete curb machine. Powered by a 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack, it allows for zero exhaust emissions, reduced vibrations, and zero engine noise. The machine is self-propelled and controlled with a radio remote control, which comes standard with the exclusive GOMACO G+ control system. The machine is equipped with an eight- to 10-hour charging system and is capable of running a full paving day.

WOC Booth: W2725



The CASE TV620B is the largest and most powerful CTL ever built. The 114-horsepower, 6,200-pound R.O.C. CTL delivers best-in-class breakout forces, and more standardized features than previously available on any CASE CTL. The TV620B also features the new CASE SiteConnect Module, remote connectivity and software updates through the SiteManager App, as well as connectivity to the CASE Uptime Center for collaborative fleet management.

WOC Booth: W925



Planitop 13 is a new, easy-to-apply polymer- modified and fibre-enhanced repair mortar with corrosion inhibitor that is designed for interior and exterior, vertical and overhead repairs. Features and benefits include that it is polymer-modified for added durability; can be trowel- and spray-applied; allows for extended working time for application in hot weather conditions; and is a single-component formulation for easy application.

WOC Booth: C4840

CCE Booth: 2561



CONNEX allows users to digitize 100 per cent of paper tickets and automatically reconcile material and haul tickets with invoices. It can validate that the user is paying for what they receive, speed up payables processes, and let them know each day what they are spending on materials and transportation. The main features of CONNEX are: to track project job costs daily for materials and transportation; know materials spend rates; ease invoice reconciliation and expedite payments; and to digitize and automate paper-based processes.

WOC Booth: N1537

CCE Booth: 2793



Topcon Positioning Group’s MC-Max machine control solution is based on its MC-X machine control platform, and backed by Sitelink3D. MC-Max is a scalable solution for mixed-fleet heavy equipment environments. It is designed to adapt to owners’ machine control and data integration needs as their fleets and workflows expand. MC-Max increases processing power, speed, accuracy, versatility and reliability; and can be installed on a full range of dozers and excavators, using the same basic modular components. The MC-Max solution offers flexible mounting solutions, as well as optional automatic blade and bucket control for a variety of machines. The system also provides a full battery of positioning technologies ranging from slope control to laser, multi-constellation GNSS, robotic total station and Millimeter GPS systems.

WOC Booth: W3353



The Control Speed Vibrator (CSV) from Minnich Manufacturing is a lightweight, durable, electric flex shaft 15-amp (115-volt) concrete vibrator controlled through connectivity. Using Bluetooth and the Minnich app on an iOS or Android device, operators can choose between set speeds of 6,000, 8,000, 10,500 and open vpm. Slower vibration speeds lessen material separation and reduce surface blemishes and repairs. The CSV maintains the chosen speed as the concrete load changes.

WOC Booth: W2224



Miller Formless provides various types of slipform concrete paving machines. The most common features are John Deere engines (M-series) and Kubota engines (C-series), as well as the MFSmart Control Stringless system in the M-series products. The slipform pavers are engineered to handle tight radius pours. The M-1000 can pour a radius as tight as 24 in. or be used for straightaway slip forming.

WOC Booth: W741



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