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CSNS adopts national health and safety designations

By On-Site Staff   

Construction Health & Safety

Use of NCSO and NHSA designations will give Construction Safety Nova Scotia members increased mobility to work across the country.

Construction Safety Nova Scotia (CSNS) is now offering National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) and the National Health and Safety Administrator (NHSA) designations. Both are new offerings from CSNS, with Nova Scotia being the final province to adopt the NCSO designation, making it a designation with national recognition.

The NCSO seal verifies that a person has met several performance measurement standards set by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations, including requirements based on training, practical application and experience.

“By adopting the designation that is recognized across the country, construction safety professionals can much more easily work across the Atlantic Provinces or as far away as B.C. or the Yukon,” said MJ MacDonald, CEO of CSNS. “We are striving to simplify safety for our members, and this is a big step in that direction.”

The NHSA designation gives health-and-safety administrators entry-level training. The training is available to individuals who are active in their company’s health-and-safety programs but do not have the minimum three years’ construction field experience needed for an NCSO designation. The NHSA designation is the first step toward a becoming a leader in the construction safety field.


“Every leader needs a great support system. We wanted to offer the NHSA designation to allow those individuals who are just starting out their careers get a leg up and be on the fast track to safety leadership,” said MacDonald.

All personnel who hold a Construction Safety Supervisor designation can apply to write the NCSO exam. Applications for both programs can be found online.






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