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People Above All: Pomerleau’s Health and Safety Vision

By Pomerleau   

Health & Safety

When it comes to health and safety (H&S), every accident is one too many. The construction industry is one of the first to be impacted by incidents, and there is a collective need to raise industry H&S standards. At Pomerleau H&S is not only about statistics. It is also about getting people back home to their families every night.  Pomerleau’s vision for its employees is reflected in its actions and commitments toward physical and mental well-being.


This year, Pomerleau is reinforcing its commitment to advocate for H&S by including it as a priority in its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. Several H&S initiatives have been outlined in the company’s most recent report.

Through a combination of prevention, awareness, training and information sharing, the company is seeking to continuously improve its H&S practices and standards. Last year, Pomerleau brought together more than 1,050 site and project team members across Canada for training about the environment, quality and H&S in its operations.


To continue this momentum, the company will also roll out its Builder Training program to promote its H&S management tools to its construction managers.

“Health and safety must be a natural reflex in our operations, focused on the well-being of everyone who works on our sites, without compromise, at all times. People above all!”- Steve Ceolin, Vice President of Health and Safety at Pomerleau


Furthering its commitment to H&S, Pomerleau has received several certifications, including COR®. The company has a 100% average Certification of Recognition across the country, and is a member of numerous organizations that oper­ate to improve H&S standards and practices across the industry. The company is a member of numerous organizations that operate to improve H&S standards and practices across the industry.

In October of 2023, Pomerleau became a member of the Construction Research Safety Alliance (CRSA), a non-profit organization based at the University of Colorado. Its goal is to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities in the construction industry through scientific research.

As a member of the Canadian Construction Safety Council (CCSC), Pomerleau is working with other industry leaders to evaluate and reinforce industry standards, like examining the alignment of fall protection standards.

Health and Safety Initiatives

At the beginning of May, Pomerleau dedicated a week to H&S awareness with the message: People Above All. A minute of silence was held for the National Day of Mourning, H&S moments were conducted on sites, mental health toolboxes were distributed, and employees participated in a helmet contest.

To inaugurate its new innovative protective helmets, Pomerleau held an illustration contest for its employees’ children. Participants were asked to draw a design for the company’s old helmets as they were phased out. The winner and their parent received helmets with their design on them.

Pomerleau’s new helmets include a full-brim helmet designed to repel rain while providing better ventilation, side impact protections, a magnetic buckle with an adjustable strap for easy on-handed use with gloves and an RFID chip to store medical and contact information for medical personnel to use in case of an emergency. The unique design enables the helmet to absorb maximum force and protect heads from direct and angled impacts. In addition to the introduction of the helmets, a new policy regarding the mandatory wearing of gloves on site was also launched.

To honour those affected by workplace tragedies, Pomerleau sponsored and participated in Threads of Life’s Steps for Life Walks and organized Montreal’s event, which was the first in Quebec. Over 150 employees across Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, St. John’s, Vancouver and Ottawa gathered with colleagues and family members to commemorate the lives of the more than 1,000 workers who are killed on the job or die because of workplace injury or illness every year. They raised $8,426 for the cause.



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