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Industry introduces health and safety forum

By Adam Freill   

Health & Safety

General contracting industry association and partners launch forum to allow peer-support for safety certification.

Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) and Auditsoft, in partnership with NORCAT, Maple Reinders and The League of Champions, have launched COReXchange, an exclusive platform that supports organizations seeking, or that have achieved, Certificate of Recognition (COR) 2020 from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA).

The CoreXchange forum was created to offer a safe space for health and safety professionals to discuss topics related to COR, and to build a strong network of health and safety advocates.

The immediate focus of the partnership will be to assist OGCA members in the development of health and safety best practices. CoreXchange enables Ontario’s safest general contractors to mentor the industry by providing information related to COR certification and auditing related questions.

Under the leadership and guidance of the OGCA, the forum will be moderated by a leading team of Health and Safety Mentors, including general contractors from Maple Reinders, Pomerleau, Aecon Group Inc., Alberici Constructors, Matheson Constructors, PCL Construction, and Bird Construction.


“Our goal is to build a strong network of health and safety advocates across the province that will accelerate the adoption of COR,” said Giovanni Cautillo, OGCA president. “COReXchange is an exciting new way for us to distribute best practices and educate our members.”

“AuditSoft is proud to be one of the founding members and the technology sponsor of this initiative,” said Ben Snyman, CEO of AuditSoft . “When we, as an OGCA Associate Partnership Program (APP) member, proposed this concept to the OGCA, we had no idea it would generate so much interest.”

He said the suggestion was based on supporting smaller organizations wanting to achieve COR, allowing them to interact with like-minded individuals to share ideas and resources.

“Larger general contractors, that have achieved COR, and know the impact that is has on ensuring employee safety are volunteering as mentors to these smaller organizations,” he explained. “The resulting organic growth of CoreXchange into the de facto OHS forum for industry driven by industry to improve OHS performance across industry.”






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