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BKT creates immersive virtual reality space

By Adam Freill   

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Tire manufacturer introduces BKT Land, an immersive, futuristic experience to interact with the world of off-highway tires.

(Photo: BKT)

Off-highway/Off the Road (OTR) tire manufacturer BKT has launched a web-based portal, a metaverse it calls BKT Land. The site, a virtual reality space where users can live, interact, and learn, offers immersive experiences by means of an avatar that enables access to several areas throughout the site.

The starting point is a central hall, or landing point, where an avatar guides the user toward the different areas of the portal. There are three showrooms containing the company’s tire lines, divided into its three core segments: agriculture, OTR, and industrial. Each showroom displays more than 50 products, which can be examined through 3D-exploration to view the products’ technical data sheets and other video material.

Besides the showrooms, there are also four thematic areas, targeting sponsorships, networking, fans and events.

Entering the sponsorships area places the user into the sporting area of the BKT world. The events area brings the user to BKT’s scheduled international initiatives. Through the network area, users can take a close look at the BKT universe by means of video interviews and the contents of the “BKT Network” digital hub. And the fans area provides virtual challenges and moments of playful entertainment that can be shared with other users.


Best visited on a computer-based browser, the metaverse can be found at www.bkt-land.com.





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