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Update: Union Station Revitalization

August 23, 2016   By On-Site Magazine

Despite being over 90 years old, we sure do ask for a lot from Union Station. More than 200,000 GO train customers pass through it on weekdays (200,000!), and that’s not counting TTC and VIA riders. Union Station is the country’s busiest transportation hub, and in order to sustain projected growth of the region and the GO system, we set out to work with the City of Toronto to upgrade it.

At the risk of oversimplifying, the Union Revitalization project is made up of three major projects: the underground concourses, the train shed and platforms, and the TTC second subway platform, which was completed last year. The work itself was quite the undertaking, and then factor in the rules around working with heritage sites and the requirement that those 200,000 passengers continue to travel safely.

Click here to visit the Union Station Revitalization site, and read the latest on how these projects are progressing.




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