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PCL awarded second phase of Rogers Centre renovation

By Adam Freill   

Commercial Concrete Construction Demolition

PCL Construction revitalizing ballpark during offseason to introduce a modern Toronto Blue Jays fan experience and player amenities.

A snapshot of the renovation at Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. (Photo courtesy of the Toronto Blue Jays)

PCL Construction has returned as the construction partner for the second phase of a more than $300 million multi-year renovation project aiming to improve the fan and player experience at Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Rogers Stadium Limited Partnership awarded the second phase of the project to PCL Constructors Canada Inc. (Toronto) in time for off-season demolition and construction to begin, along with the countdown to the 2024 season. PCL was also the construction partner for the first phase of the project, completed over the winter and introduced to fans in the lead up to the MLB season.

The phased renovation aims to transform the 34-year-old multi-purpose stadium into a ballpark designed specifically for baseball through a series of projects focused on modernizing the fan experience and building world-class player facilities for Canada’s baseball team.

“PCL and our partners are passionate about bringing the Toronto Blue Jays’ reimagined vision for Rogers Centre to life,” said Monique Buckberger, vice-president and district manager, PCL Constructors Canada Inc. (Toronto). “Following the complex, fast-track renovation completed in just six months for the 2023 season, the second phase of the project will deliver an even greater volume of work in the same time frame, as the 100 level seating bowl is demolished and rebuilt to bring Blue Jays fans an experience designed specifically for baseball.”


The first phase of the project achieved substantial completion on March 31, 2023 and opened to fans on April 11 for the 2023 season Blue Jays Home Opener.

The highly anticipated second phase of the renovation features a reimagined 100 level seating bowl and structure (from foul pole to foul pole) designed specifically for baseball viewing, with an all-new, best-in-class Blue Jays clubhouse in addition to three new premium clubs and seating sections.

The structural demolition of the lower bowl took place from October 13 to 26, removing and recycling 29.5 million pounds of materials in 13 days, equivalent to 2.2 million pounds per day. This included 26.5 million pounds of concrete and 3 million pounds of steel.

The field level was also excavated to create below ground space for the new player facilities and premium clubs. During this period, approximately 780 truckloads of materials were removed from the ballpark while 530 loads were brought in.

To facilitate the excavation, a temporary bridge was installed over the site of the former seating bowl. At the peak of demolition and excavation work, 10 excavators were on site with 344 dump trucks cycling in and out of Rogers Centre over the temporary bridge in one day.

An average of 350 workers have been on site daily – more than three times the number of workers compared to phase one demolition.

With a fast-tracked construction timeline, formwork for the new build began quickly. The first new concrete was poured on the same day demolition completed (October 26). Approximately 500 truckloads worth of concrete are expected to be poured to complete the project.

On November 9, a major piece of mechanical equipment was delivered by crane from Bremner Blvd. into Rogers Centre through an opening in the roof. And the first structural steel column was put up on November 13.

A total of 2.4 million pounds of structural steel has been fabricated offsite and will be installed at Rogers Centre to complete the project.

Rogers Centre was conceptualized as a multi-purpose stadium when it opened in 1989 and had not previously undergone a large-scale renovation in its history.




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