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Hyundai set to reveal Xite Transformation

By Adam Freill   

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HD Hyundai vice-chairman and CEO Kisun Chung to present strategies and vision for future innovation during CES 2024 keynote.

HD Hyundai’s Xite Transformation booth. (Image courtesy of HD Hyundai)

The world’s largest electronics trade show, CES 2024, will be the backdrop for HD Hyundai to present its vision to create and encourage sustainability on land under the name Xite Transformation.

The heavy equipment manufacturer’s vice-chairman and CEO, Kisun Chung will focus on the company’s comprehensive strategy and vision to create innovation in infrastructure construction during a special keynote address on Day 2 of the Las Vegas show. CES runs from January 9 to 12 at sites throughout Las Vegas.

HD Hyundai says Xite Transformation is its vision to solve pressing challenges humanity is facing such as safety, security, supply chain issues, climate change, and more. The company is eager to embrace its role as a “Future Builder” by expanding its sustainability focus beyond ocean infrastructure to also include land infrastructure.

At CES 2023, HD Hyundai shared its Ocean Transformation strategy, which aims to fundamentally change the way the ocean is used, and to explore the infinite potential of the marine ecosystem. Now, the company plans to expand on its previous vision to include transformative land infrastructure ideas.


As such, HD Hyundai’s exhibit at CES 2024 will consist of three main themes: Future Xite, Twin Xite and Zero Xite.

Future Xite will present what the future of next-generation construction machines will look like when using advanced unmanned and automation technologies. Twin Xite will introduce site control solutions and remote-control technologies based on digital twins. And Zero Xite will focus on exhibiting the company’s wide experience and technological capabilities for green energy value chains.

In a statement, the company stated, “We are committed to being a future builder as we continue to design a brighter world for humanity, from ocean to Xite. We are excited to share our plans for how we are creating a sustainable future through a shift in the industry’s paradigm with those attending the show.”

HD Hyundai (formerly Hyundai Heavy Industries Group) is a major South Korean conglomerate that serves as the world’s largest shipbuilding and heavy industries manufacturer. Its three core businesses are shipbuilding, heavy equipment, and energy.




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