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Construction wages up 5 per cent for 12-month average weekly earnings

By Andrew Snook   

Construction Skills Development

Average weekly earnings for workers in the construction sector increased to $888.34, for a 5.0 per cent gain for the 12-month period to March 2012. 

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, the boost in average wages was due to widespread increases across industries within the sector, particularly within residential and non-residential building construction.

The construction sector’s average weekly earnings was the second-highest out of Canada’s 10 largest sectors for the 12-month period, trailing only the professional, scientific and technical services sector, which experienced an average weekly earnings increase of 5.2 per cent, to $1,249.39.

Overall average weekly earnings for non-farm payroll employees in March increased to $888.34, up 0.8 per cent from February and up 2.1 per cent over the 12-month period.


Average weekly earnings over the 12-month period were up in every province, with Saskatchewan experiencing the largest gain – 5.9 per cent to $918.15.

Newfoundland and Labrador also experienced a significant increase over the 12-month period, jumping 4.7 per cent to $923.58.

Ontario experienced the lowest year-over-year growth in March, with a 0.1 per cent overall increase in average weekly earnings to $896.61.

To read the full report, click here.

Source: Statistics Canada


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