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Average weekly earnings up 6.9 per cent in construction sector

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June 28, 2012 by Andrew Snook

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, average weekly earnings of non-farm payroll employees increased 1.0 per cent in April 2012 to $896.63, when compared to the previous month.

Over the 12-month period, average weekly earnings grew 3.1 per cent, fuelled by a variety of factors, including wage growth and changes in the composition of employment by industry, occupation and level of job experience.

In the construction sector, average weekly earnings over the 12-month period to April increased by 6.9 per cent to $1,141.62, with growth taking place across all industries. Employees within the building construction sector experienced particularly strong growth. The total number of non-farm payroll employees over the 12-moth period within the construction sector increased by 4.0 per cent.

Average weekly earnings within the wholesale trade and retail trade also increased over the 12-month period while earnings growth declined in the health care and social assistance sectors.

Newfoundland and Labrador led all provinces in average weekly earnings over the 12 months to April, jumping 6.5 per cent to $931.77. Saskatchewan, Alberta and Quebec also experienced significant increases, up 4.0 per cent ($912.78), 3.5 per cent ($1,066.83) and 3.3 per cent ($818.43) respectively.

Manitoba (2.1 per cent or $825.95) and Ontario (2.1 per cent or $910.23) experienced the lowest levels of growth in average weekly earnings over the 12-month period.

To view the full report click here.

Source: Statistics Canada

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