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Security fencing revisited

A reader suggests that chain link fencing is still a fine security solution.

August 18, 2021   Rob Blackstien
Construction Materials

Tamara Aspeling recently wrote an in-depth story for On-Site about the security fencing industry in Canada. She suggested it was evolving as rapidly as any sector in the industry.

However, Roma Fence’s Christina Marra had something to add to the discussion, maintaining that chain link fencing is still a fine solution. She said:

“There are mini mesh chain link options that would address the issue of chain link fence fabric being cut by bolt cutters. Oftentimes, clients with a high security requirement also add mid and bottom rail to further slow down any process of getting into an enclosed property. Chain link remains one of the most effective perimeter security options available and supports Canadian manufactured and fabricated products.”

Do you agree or disagree with her assertions? Let us know in the comments below.


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2 Comments » for Security fencing revisited
  1. Chain link fencing will always have a place, as I stated in the article I wrote. However, when all you need to get through the fence is a pair of pliers, it’s value as a high security fence system on its own is dubious. Which is why many parts of the world don’t use it as a security fence at all.

    We’re not there yet in Canada, but it will probably happen here at some point.

    One solution is integrated perimeter security, using electronics like FDS to beef up security. Other options are to use different types of fence. Depends on the project, the client, the security requirement and many other factors.

    It’s why Rite-Way Fencing offers a variety of fence products. Even as one of the biggest chain link manufacturers in the country, we know that sometimes, a little more is necessary.

    • Rob Blackstien says:

      Thanks so much for piping in here, Tamara. Your input is valuable and much appreciated.

      Anyone else have an opinion on this topic?

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