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COWI lands Alberta bridge contract

By Adam Freill   

Bridges Construction Infrastructure

Engineering consultancy lands project involving engineering services and construction supervision for bridge replacement over Chin Coulee Reservoir.

Global engineering consultancy COWI has been retained by Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors (ATEC) to provide engineering services for major bridge replacement and other work for the Highway 36:02 bridge over Chin Coulee Reservoir, south of Taber, Alta.

The project involves the replacement of the existing Highway 36 bridge over the reservoir, the work necessitated by a plan to raise the water level to increase the reservoir’s capacity. COWI’s scope of work will be preliminary engineering, detailed design, contract tendering, construction supervision including post construction and warranty inspection.

By increasing the capacity of the reservoir, St. Mary River Irrigation District (SMRID) will be able to expand the area of land that can be irrigated and make the area more resilient to climate variability, including both seasonal droughts and flooding. The aim is for the project to support the water needs of many farmers in the local community, while improving the local economy and the billion-dollar agriculture industry in the area.

“This project is a great win for COWI as we continue to build and strength our relationship with ATEC,” stated Thomas Dahlgren, president of COWI in North America. “The project is COWI in North America’s first major bridge replacement project within the South Region of ATEC’s organization and will allow COWI to further demonstrate to ATEC as an organization our strengths and ability to develop solutions to complex and unique project challenges.”


Primarily located in Scandinavia, the U.K., North America and India, COWI has 6,900 employees and provides services covering engineering, architecture, energy and the environment.




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