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COWI names new group CEO

By Adam Freill   

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Jens Højgaard Christoffersen set to succeed current group CEO, Lars-Peter Søbye, on October 1.

Jens Højgaard Christoffersen, incoming group CEO of COWI. (Photo by Paul Skovbakke)

Jens Højgaard Christoffersen is set to take over as group CEO of COWI, succeeding Lars-Peter Søbye, on October 1. Christoffersen is currently a member of the company’s executive board, serving as chief business development officer of the global firm whose areas of focus include the infrastructure, planning and building construction sectors.

“This year, COWI has been revitalised by a new vision, new values and a new, future-oriented growth strategy. These initiatives have been embraced by the organisation, which is already evident from the half-year results, which show significant progress,” stated Jukka Pertola, chairman of COWI’s board of directors. “COWI stands out as a streamlined business with a strong profile in the green transition. Therefore, this is the right time for Lars-Peter to pass on the baton, and especially to Jens Højgaard Christoffersen, who is a visionary and customer-oriented COWI man to the backbone.”

“I’m immensely proud to be given the opportunity to lead COWI, but also deeply humbled,” said Christoffersen. “COWI plays an important role in advising our customers about how to quickly and safely navigate the green transition, thereby ensuring that our world becomes more sustainable. Transforming our society requires that we join forces with customers, partners and public authorities. Realising the green transition in time takes an open mind, trust and courage, and I will do whatever I can to make sure that COWI continues to do our part.”

Outgoing Group CEO Søbye, who has been with COWI for 36 years, including the past 14 as group CEO, has decided to step down to focus on a career as professional board member and to spend more time with his family.


“Like they say, you need to stop while the going is good, and that’s now, in my case,” he said. “We’ve launched a new strategy, which has been embraced by our employees and customers. I’m so proud to have had the chance to be part of a company with such an important vision that does such important work in society and the world – together with engaged and talented colleagues.”

He will act as executive advisor for the next year, and will follow select outstanding issues all the way through to completion.




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