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Improving relationships, one home at a time

By Adam Freill   

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A third of Canadians who bought a home with a partner say it improved their relationship.

(Image courtesy of Wahi Realty Inc., Brokerage)

Couples who buy together, stay together, suggests a new Wahi survey of Angus Reid Forum members looking into how homebuying affects Canadians’ romantic relationships.

With Valentine’s Day in mind, Wahi’s 2024 Real Estate Romance Survey provides insights at the intersection of relationships and property ownership, including how common it is for couples to buy a home together and whether doing so strengthens romantic partnerships or not.

“Buying a home is a major milestone for any couple, and it is by far the most common way for Canadians to become homeowners today,” says Wahi CEO Benjy Katchen. “In fact, 77 per cent of Canadian homeowners say that they bought their home with their romantic partner. Overall, our survey also suggests that homebuying is rarely a strain on relationships — and it appears to have the potential to actually strengthen some bonds, too.”

The survey did not differentiate between the kinds of homes purchased, so it is not possible to compare the impact of a condo purchase versus a single-family home purchase, for example, but survey respondents who bought their home with a partner were 10-times as likely to view it as a positive. While a third of respondents said the purchase helped their relationship, only three per cent said it made it worse.


Finding the most positive outcomes were respondents in B.C., where 47 per cent said purchasing a home with a partner improved their relationship, followed by 46 per cent in Atlantic Canada. At 41 per cent, men were more likely to say homebuying helped their relationship versus women (28 per cent).

The very small minority who said buying a home with a partner had a negative impact on their relationship cited problems with the property and financial strain as core stressors to their relationships.




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