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Track Crawler Carrier

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November 11, 2015 by On-Site

Terramac RT14 Crawler Carrier

The Terramac RT14 rubber track crawler carrier is built with ¼-in steel and Eaton pumps for durability. A Parker IQAN-MD4 master display control system allows for full graphical, diagnostic and controller area network (CAN) gateway capability and an upgraded multi-function joystick with dump controls provides user-friendly operation. It offers more torque and power than other crawler carriers in its class. The unit is powered by a 280-hp QSC 8.3 Cummins engine, allowing it to tackle a wide-range of pipeline, utility, mining, oil and gas applications. Boasting a maximum carrying capacity of 28,000-lbs and travel speeds up to 6-mph, the RT14 ensures quick cycle times to keep productivity levels on point, regardless of the application. The RT14 fully-loaded ground pressure is 7.5-psi, making it appropriate for loose and wet ground conditions where heavy, wheeled machines are likely to get stuck. The flotation from the rubber tracks allows the machine to work in adverse ground and weather conditions, and faster climbing on mountainous and hilly terrains with reduced slippage. The crawler carrier is useful for jobsites that are located in remote areas where wheeled machines cannot get to. It features front and rear bolt-on attachments that enable the mounting of an array of specialized equipment, such as: bark blowers, cranes, drills, generators and tanks. Standard units are available with either a flat bed or rock dump bed. The RT14 can accommodate taller lifting devices including digger derricks and man lifts. It comes standard with an hydraulic attachment system. It has both open- and closed-cab options, with rollover protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS). A wide access door allows ease of entry and exit, windows on all sides, a large mirror to provide increased visibility, and the Parker IQAN-MD4 control system to accommodate up to four cameras for added safety. A USB port as well as improved grab handles, AC controls and a quick-release grate button provide added convenience. Additionally, a tilt hood for engine access and a dog house for fluid/filter checks makes maintenance on the RT14 quick and easy. 

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