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Safe anchorage

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The Miller SkyORB Overhead Rotational Boom Anchor by Honeywell Safety Products uses the weight of the vehicle being loaded, unloaded or serviced as a counterweight to provide a safe overhead anchorage point. The unit features a 20-ft. telescoping mast and a boom that rotates 360 degrees allowing it to be easily positioned above a worker’s head to minimize free-fall distance and swing fall when used with a self-retracting lifeline. It is designed for use with elevated platforms ranging from 6 ft. to 14 ft. above the ground and provides a working radius of up to 14 ft. Weighing 1,050 lbs., the SkyORB is light and versatile, and its modular design makes it easy to transport and requires only a forklift for assembly. www.millerfallprotection.com.


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