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LiuGong launches new scissor lift product line

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March 2, 2020 by Megan Hoegler


LiuGong has launched two new products, the LSC0607DE and the LSC1012DE, as part of a major push into the market for scissor lifts.

Both models debuted in early February at the 2020 American Rental Association’s (ARA) trade show in Orlando.

The LSC0607DE model has a platform of 5.8m and a work height of  8m, while the LSC1012DE model has a platform of 10m and a work height of 12m. Both models are CE certified and comply with ANSI standards, offering the safety and stability that customers require along with tough durability.

LiuGong said it plans to launch a total of four new products into the North American market in the upcoming months. It will also start offering MEWP products in the Asia Pacific and Europe regions in the near future.

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