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Komatsu adds to hydraulic breaker lineup

By On-Site Staff   


Equipment maker Komatsu has expanded its range of hydraulic breakers designed and tested for use on its excavators.

Available for the PC78 up to the PC490 excavators, the new breakers integrate new features to protect the breaker, carrier and operator.

“The breakers have an accumulator that eliminates hydraulic pump cavitation to prevent flow surges back to the carrier hydraulic tank. By recycling high-pressure oil internally, this allows more energy with a lower flow, to reduce hydraulic pressure spikes and protect the carrier’s hydraulic system,” the company said.

The company’s JTHB-G line of breakers include just two moving parts and use a hybrid design of hydraulic flow and pressure along with a nitrogen-filled chamber that provides striking energy. They come standard with blank firing protection that uses a hydraulic cushion at the base of the cylinder to reduce metal-to-metal contact.

For smaller machines, the JMHB-H line offers consistent impact power, as well as sound dampening housing to keep noise to a minimum in urban settings.


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